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Auto labor rate $80/hr

We have mechanics who are experienced in everything from your compact car to your company truck. We offer preventive maintenance, repairs of exhaust, brakes, and rust, fluid film, motor and transmission changes, tire changes, detailing, inspections, and much more!

Oil Change:

Regular, consistent oil changes with the correct grade of oil can prolong the life of your vehicle. Help your engine run efficiently and boost fuel economy by changing your oil at the vehicle manufacturer's recommended intervals.



Front Wheel Alignment - $69.99

Four Wheel Alignment - $99.99 

We recommend an alignment anytime new tires are installed. This helps you get the longest life. It's also recommended after a significant collision or if tire wear is evident.

Tire Rotation:


By rotating your tires, you will equalize wear, preventing uneven wear.


Woolwax  - $150 to $200 Offers 1 year of protection.

Waxoyl - $800 to $1,000 Offers a lifetime of protection

for your vehicle.

Undercoating gives you an added layer of protection against rust and


We offer 2 varieties of undercoating depending on your needs. Price is

dependent on vehicle size. 

Certified Inspections

We offer a wide range of certified inspections, from motorcycles to semis, right here at our shop.

Used Car Dealership

Our lot is ever-changing to fit the needs of our customers. We are committed to finding reliable vehicles at a low cost. "Everything we do is driven by Value!"

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